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Stress-Alt (VeganOk), antistress, antioxidant,  concentrated non-alcoholic fluid, 500 ml

Stress-Alt (VeganOk), antistress, antioxidant, concentrated non-alcoholic fluid, 500 ml

€ 24,90

  STRESS ALT 500 ml (VEGAN OK) Antistress, antioxidant,  concentrated non-alcoholic fluid, 500 m Dietary herbal drink, concentrated non-alcoholic fluid Activities: Anti-stress, promotes relaxation and mental well-being, improves cognitive functions and concentration, increases resistance to physical and mental fatigue. Useful in case of: Stress from physical and mental overwork Anxiety and nervousness Preparation for school and university exams Support in adapting to slimming diets Chronic fatigue Moments of physiological change as in teenage and menopause Aftereffects of diseases and surgery Decline in attention and concentration Ingredients: Withania root Astragalus root Siberian ginseng root Hawthorn flowers and leaves Orange flowers Stevia rebaudiana * Steviol glycosides have a very high sweetening power without raising the glycemic index, they are also completely noncaloric. Dosage and Usage: Oral use for adults. A measuring cup (20 ml) diluted in a glass of water (200 ml) 1 to 3 times a day, or 2 measures diluted in a bottle of water (500ml) to drink during the day.  Astragalus root: In vitro studies have shown a distinct antioxidant activity assessed with a DPPH test. This activity is increased when in synergy with other plants (Xu et al., 2014). In vivo studies have shown improved physical performance and increased resistance to fatigue (Yeh TS). This root contains an active ingredient called astragaloside IV possessing the following properties: antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant with increased expression of T cells and cardiovascular protection (S Ren et al., 2013). This plant has also shown an interesting anti-diabetic activity (Agyemang K et al., 2013) Withania root: plays a protective role against oxidative stress (See M. et al., 2014). This extract is also safe and effective against anxiety and psycho-physical stress, even at high doses, (K Chandrasekhar et al., 2012) and in the stimulation of leukocytosis (WHO monographs on medicinal plants, vol.1, 2002). Thanks to these effects, this plant is considered an excellent adaptogen remedy, helping the body adapt to environmental changes. Hawthorn flowers and leaves: This phytocomplex is based on flavonoids which are responsible for various activities. Among the most important are the sedative, muscle relaxant and anti-arrhythmic activities. It also increases blood supply to the myocardium and coronary arteries, leading to a greater anoxia tolerance. It has a positive inotropic activity on the myocardium, as well as a negative chronotropic and bathmotropic activity. On the vascular system it promotes distension of vascular muscles with consequent hypotensive action. It is now evident that alcoholic extracts can produce all the above activities. Moreover, the drug is highly safe even for a prolonged use. (Campanini E.) (Monograph C. oxyacantha) Siberian ginseng root: This is considered an adaptogenic plant that is, the ability to exert a specific action on physiological processes with the result of increasing physical resistance against psycho-physical stress. This type of activity has a high preventive value, improving the immune system as well. Indeed, it has been observed an increase in the number of lymphocytes, particularly T lymphocytes after administration of Siberian ginseng extract to healthy subjects (Campanini E.). Orange flowers: The water extract of these flowers is an effective and gentle protection with sedative and antispasmodic activities. It is useful in treating stress-related nervous excitation states (with symptoms such as headache, and insomnia) related to dyspeptic forms. (Campanini E.) Contraindications: Individual sensitization to the active substances of any plant composing this product.