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Devil’s Claw Compound - Tincture - Organic Alcohol - No preservatives

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100 ml

Devil's claw Compound - Tincture (Drops)
Osteoarticular pain, joint and muscle problems, inflammation of various nature.

DEVIL'S CLAW (Harpagophytym procumbens DC.) root
SPIREA (Filipendula ulmaria L. Maxim.) flowers 
Organic alcohol at 70 vol
Activities and use:

Devil's claw is now well known for its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties. The extract is indicated in cases of arthritis and other rheumatological diseases, as well as in cases of  pain also of traumatic origin. The activity is due to the entire phytocomplex (harpagoside, beta-sitosterol, iridoids), which has proved to be very effective in various forms of arthritis.
Spirea is considered an alternative to aspirin in phytotherapy, it is therefore featured by a high anti-inflammatory and draining activity. The most important active substances are salicylic derivatives and flavonoids. It is indicated especially in fever and joint pain, thanks to its good  diuretic-drainage activity.
Devil's claw and Spirea are two effective painkillers, acting especially on joint and muscle problems, such as bruises, strains, inflammation of various nature.

Use: 60 drops diluted in water, 2-3 times a day, after meals.

Pregnancy and lactation
Children under 10 years

Individual sensitization to the active substances of the plant​​​​​​​
Devil's claw extract contains bitter principles and is not recommended in case of gastric disorders due to hyperacidity. It may have interactions in case of anticoagulants assumption. 

Size: 100ml.


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