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DormiBene/Sleep Well - Tincture - Organic Alcohol - No preservatives

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100 ml

DormiBene/Sleep Well - Tincture (Drops)

Nutritional supplement of Valerian and Passiflora, suitable for relaxation from stress. It favours sleep.  
Standardized to 0,8% flavonoids

Vegan Ok 


VALERIAN (Valeriana officinalis L.) root
PASSION FLOWER (Passiflora incarnata L.) plant
Organic alcohol at 70 vol.
No preservatives and coloring


Valerian has always been considered a useful remedy in case of insomnia, anxiety and stress. The action is due to the entire phytocomplex; the main activities are: antispasmodic, muscle relaxant and sedative. The sedative activity is due especially to the inhibition of GABA.
Passion Flower: there are numerous studies that experimentally confirm the use of Passion Flower as an antispasmodic, sedative and anxiolytic remedy. The activity is mainly due to the flavonoid complex.
Use: minor sleep disorders,  in case of strong psycho-physical stress disorder with hyperactivity and difficulty in relaxing and sleeping, anxiety.

Oral use for adults 
50 drops diluted in water, 1-2 times a day, preferably before sleeping

Pregnancy and lactation
Children under 10 years
Personal sensitivity to the active principles of the plants making up the product.​​​​​​​


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