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About us

The Company: a laboratory of herbalist craftsmanship based both on tradition and modernity

Health and Beauty are the goals we steadily endeavor to promote, both with our phytotherapy products and phyto-cosmetics of the highest quality. Thanks to our scientific staff we can offer our customers herbalist and naturopathic consulting services and personal care via email, phone and chat.

Our land: Our production laboratory is located in Pitigliano (GR), in the Tuscan Maremma, an unspoilt and unpolluted environment. In this area, thanks to its mild climate and type of soil, over 80% of the medicinal plants of the Mediterranean basin grow spontaneously. We use plants from both wild and organic crops.

Nature and Environment: Respect for the environment and harmonious cooperation with all kingdoms of Nature are essential values ​​for us. Our products are not tested on animals and we require our suppliers proper documentation on non-animal testing of their materials. We do not use animal products, with the exception of bee products obtained respecting the balance of the bee world. Collection of plants, either wild or cultivated by us, is done by hand, leaving a right tribute on the fields

Research and products: Dr. Costanza Giunti, with her thirty years of experience in the scientific direction of Qualiterbe, is entrusted with the formulation of all our products. They are distinguished by the highest possible concentration of vegetable extracts (in some cases over 80%), consistent with the chemical and physical stability of the finished product. All our ingredients are selected among the safest and most bio-related.

Our work: Qualiterbe is a group of people working together to promote a new vision of human well-being. Our working environment is characterized by a climate of mutual trust, listening, growth and development of human resources.

Qualiterbe s.r.l.
Sede legale: Largo della Vittoria, 8 - 06062 Città della Pieve (PG)
Laboratory: Località La Rotta, 122/a - 58017 Pitigliano (GR)
Tel. 0564/619468- Tel./Fax  0564/619417 -
P.IVA - C.F. 03228980540

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